Dr. Geo Espinosa, author, Thrive Don’t Only Survive


In his words:

I hate prostate cancer (CaP). Actually, I hate all cancer, but prostate cancer I detest. I have seen too many lives taken away by this horrific disease. Every year, over one million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Every year, the disease causes 300,000 premature deaths.

My father had prostate cancer scares for decades before he died in 2013. Twenty-two years ago, after a stream of blood came out in his urine, he was shaken up. He called me and said, “It’s over for me son.” I remember him saying this to me in Spanish in his deep, hoarse voice. “I know I have prostate cancer. I am going to get my fateful diagnosis now.” Since his father had died from prostate cancer, it made sense that he was so vigilant in screening for this disease. The average lifespan on my dad’s side was 73 years. However, it turned out that his early morning call to me was only a scare, and the urinary bleeding wasn’t caused by prostate cancer. We never found out what caused it, actually, but my father went on after that incident with no further urological problems.

When my father died at 87 from pneumonia, I was miserable. I still miss him dearly. But I’m consoled by one fact: he did not die from prostate cancer.

This fact makes me curious. Why did my dad not die from prostate cancer when it ran in his family? Why was he the longest living member in his family history? I don’t know for sure but after I got that scary call from him as a 21 year-old, pre-med student, I hit the library to research natural methods for prostate cancer prevention, treatment and longevity. My dad was my first successful case study.

Since then, after extensive education, training and internships, I’m more obsessed than ever about bringing solutions to people with prostate cancer. And the culmination of my research so far is a result of Thrive – Don’t Only Survive (TDOS).

Why I am sharing my dad’s story with you? Because natural medicine for prostate cancer is not just my vocation; it’s my passion, and it’s my way of life. I research this topic intensely to help you—and to help myself.

For over 20 years, I’ve been fixated on finding the methods, behaviors and tools to create a microenvironment hostile to cancer. And while I don’t have all the answers, I am tirelessly looking for them.

I thank you for joining the thrive. Although I’ve likely never met you, we are building a “best life” partnership through TDOS and the CaPLESS Method. And I am honored to be in this relationship with you.

Now let’s go kick some CaP butt.