So exactly what is the CaPLESS Method?

The CaPLESS Method (CM) is a lifestyle prescription program to prevent or manage prostate cancer (CaP) – and to help you live long and well despite your diagnosis.

Here is how the acronym breaks down:

“CaP”—carcinoma of the prostate: This is the medical term for prostate cancer.
“L”—lifestyle: By becoming aware of your habits, you can begin to make better daily choices.
“E” —eating and exercise/movement: The focus here is not only on what food not to eat, but what food to eat. Movement and exercise are equally important. We are simply not made to sit for long periods. We are built to move.
“S”—supplementation: Men with prostate cancer can benefit from judicious use of the right mix of dietary supplements.
“S”—sleep and stress: When it comes to prostate cancer, you need your body to be rested and ready to fight at all times. And when you are well rested, you are able to manage stress better.

The CM targets 5 pathways to create an environment that is inhospitable to cancer:

1. Lowering excess production of inflammatory chemicals like; Nuclear Kappa of activated b-cells (NK-fB), Lipooxygenase (LOX) and Cyclooxygenase (COX)
2. Strengthening your immune system. That’s your body’s “armed forces,” mainly natural T killer cells (NK cells), T-lymphocytes and the like.
3. Reducing blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, both of which contribute to cancer development, cancer progression and overall early mortality.
4. Improving detoxification capacity by improving the balance between phase 1 and phase 2 biotransformation. That helps your body rid itself of the junk and potential carcinogenic chemicals in your environment you have no idea you’re exposed to.
5. Protect healthy cells from oxidative stress with properly balanced consumption of antioxidants through foods and good supplementation.

Lastly, the CM is a sustainable, practical program for all men (and their significant others), of all ages who are seriously interested in living the best possible life.

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